A momentous event occurred in the quilt history world in 2004 when former editor and publisher of Nimble Needle Treasures, Patricia Almy Randolph, gifted quilt historians and quilt-lovers alike by deciding to index her historic publication and offer all back issues plus the index in CD format.

We quilters who never actually saw quilts being made as we were growing up all have our stories about how we “discovered” quilting. Equally exciting for many of us are our stories about how we “discovered” women's history captured in those quilts, and our subsequent pursuit of quilt history that emerged. I shall always remember the day I crossed paths with back issues of Nimble Needle Treasures for the first time, an unassuming, treasure-trove of articles any quilt historian would love to stumble upon. It took place in a small town in southern Indiana while on my way from Virginia to Marion, Indiana, to attend the annual Quilters Hall of Fame induction Celebration. I could not believe my good fortune to have discovered a stack of back issues of a quilting magazine I had never even heard of before. When I excitedly showed my find to Hazel Carter, my travel companion that lucky day, she filled me in quickly with the fact that NNT had also been the first published outlet for QHF Honoree Cuesta Benberry’s quilt research.

With so little of women's needlework history recorded in a concise manner, NNT proved to be a gold mine. It was a gold mine for not only tracking the early stages of the late 20th century quilt revival, but the emergence of scholarly interest in quilting history as well, with Cuesta Benberry setting the pace. Discovering NNT helped rekindle my love of the search for quilt history that had taken a back seat for a number of years due to my genealogical research and writing. That red-letter day was almost 10 years ago but my quest for back issues of NNT has never ceased, and the issues I did manage to accumulate helped me fill-in gaps in a timeline I had already begun of the events of the late 20th quilt revival. Pat Randolph’s contribution to the documentation of quilting history is now available for all to enjoy and learn from, without the struggle to find those back issues. Her Cumulative Index and CD of all NNT issues is a must for every serious quilt historian…but I’ll still continue the search for all the original issues!

Karen B. Alexander
Press Secretary
The Quilters Hall of Fame

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Customer Comments:

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful collection of vintage quilts, quilt patterns and history of quilt history and patterns I've ever come across.  Very much worth the buy!!!  Thanks a lot!!!" 

Debbie Zimmerman, Milford Center, Ohio

Every issue of NNT magazine is now on CD, complete with all the original articles, 376 patterns (134 of those are in Series), classified ads, etc., as well as a newly published comprehensive Index which is fully interactive with the magazines. The price for the CD includes shipping, handling and shipping insurance costs.

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