In Memory of

Mary Vida Schafer


The quilt world has recently lost one of its late 20th century quilt history pioneers, Mary Schafer, of Flushing, Michigan. Today the bulk of her collection some made with her own gifted hands, others purchased 19th century antiques resides at Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan. Mary Schafer made important and lasting contributions to the body of quilt history that so many of us in this field enjoy working with today. The quilting community, as well as the greater American cultural heritage community, owes Mary, along with the other quilt history pioneers of her era, a huge debt of appreciation. The commitment and scholarly dedication with which she and they pursued their passion -- the history of American quilt making -- is the foundation of the emergence of quilting history as a separate scholarly field in the late 20th century. Though we sorrow at her passing, The Quilters Hall of Fame looks forward to its on-going preparations for honoring this lovely and accomplished woman, and eagerly anticipates the celebration in Marion, Indiana, July 2007 when it bestows upon her the honor she so richly deserves -- induction into The Quilters Hall of Fame as the 37th Honoree.

Karen B. Alexander
The Quilters Hall of Fame

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