From The Collection


Marcia and Ron Spark

Tucson, Arizona

Couple's Quilt

Mid to late 19th century

Richmond, Virginia

74" X 80"

Cotton. Pieced, appliquéd and quilted. Mary Jane Batson, a Virginia slave, fashioned 12 blocks of elaborately dressed couples from fabric scraps given to her by the plantation mistress. The quilting and piecing was done later by her granddaughter, Mariah Chapman.

Floral Trapunto Appliqué Quilt

c. 1860


70" X 90"

Cotton. Appliquéd, stuffed and quilted. Attributed to Elizabeth Cheseborough Johnson (1838-1875). The whimsical pictorial designs in the quilting are a wonderful surprise. There are hands, scissors, high button shoes, birds and a delightful assortment of folk art depictions.

Sampler Crazy Quilt

c. 1880's

Cape Cod

39" X 52"

Satin and silk with embroidery. The diagonal row of crazy blocks give a cohesiveness to the overall design of this unusual Victorian era quilt. There are traditional quilt blocks, whimsical folk art appliqués, pen and ink renderings and wonderful Kate Greenaway motifs.

Album Appliqué Summer Spread

c. 1850's


84" X 84"

Cotton. Appliqué. The central tree and bird motif and the four large floral appliqués counterbalance the intensity of the smaller red and white blocks. The energetic border continues to expand the overall visual impact.

Patriotic Quilt

c. 1920's


67 1/2" X 83"

Cotton. Pieced, appliquéd and quilted. The exploding stars which surround the 38 star flag suggest Fourth of July firecrackers. This masterpiece was probably made in 1926 to celebrate Colorado's 50th anniversary of statehood. Colorado was the 38th state to enter the Union.

Photography by Tom Burk