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Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine


Published 1969 - 1975

by Patricia Almy (Randolph)

1932 - 2008

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V1, N1 1969
V1, N2 1969
V2, N1 1970
V2, N2 1970
V2, N3 1970
V2, N4 1970
V3, N1 1971
V3, N2 1971
V3, N3 1971
V3, N4 1971
V4, N1 1972
V4, N2 1972
V4, N3 1972
V4, N4 1972
V5, N1 1973
V5, N2 1973
V5, N3 1973
V5, N4 1973
V6, N1 1974
V6, N2+3 1974
V6, N4 1974
V7, N1 1975
V7, N2 1975

Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine was one of the very first quilt magazines published in America 1969-1975, and is now considered a collectable.  All 24 issues of this vintage quilt magazine, and the annotated, interactive index is now on CD.

Every issue of the original Nimble Needle Treasures magazines is complete on the CD, even the covers, classified ads, letters to the editor... everything! These vintage magazines include articles by well-known quilt historians, authors, collectors and quilters whose by-lines were Cuesta Benberry (Quilters Hall of Fame honoree) Dolores Hinson, Letha Rice, Hazel Carter (founder of The Quilters Hall of Fame) Maxine Teele, Mary Borkowski,  Helen Ericson, Mildred Saffell, Kammie Hung, Georgia Feasel, Leona Rhoades, Irene Goodrich, Mary Schafer, Joyce Auderheide and others. Also included on the CD are quilt patterns illustrative of accompanying articles, as well as other valuable information for the quilter and collector.  Now everyone can have these hard to find quilt magazines!

A unique feature of the CD is the fact that the index to the magazines is included and is interactive, meaning that you can click on any article, pattern, etc in the index., and go directly to the page in the issue it is contained in. You can also browse each issue page by page if so desired.


For the historian there are articles about Bertha Stenge; Marie Webster; Florence Peto; Mrs. Scioto Imhoff Danner; Lillian Walker; Dr. Jeanette Dean Throckmorton; Rose G. Kretsinger, just to name a few.


For the pattern collector there are series patterns such as The Circuit Riders Quilt-Womans World/Illus. Needlework; Flower Medly by Ruby Hinson; Quadie Quiltie by Thornton Burgess and Ruby Short; Sampler Quilt by Prudence Penny; The Bible Quilt by Bertha Stenge; Blossom Time, Home Art Studio.

Other collectable patterns are by Dolores Hinson; Marie Webster; Kansas City Star; Work Basket; Modern Priscilla; Bertha Stenge; Home Art Studio; The Progressive Farmer; Florence LaGanke; Alice Brooks; Ruby Hinson; Pictorial Review; Hearth & Home; Nancy Cabot; Ladies Art Company; Anne Cabot; Eveline Foland; Hawaii Farm & Home as well as many others

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Read the Forward by Cuesta Benberry

Read a Review by Karen Alexander

     Every issue of Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine and the Index are preserved on CD, complete with all the original quilting articles, 376 quilt patterns (134 of those are in Series), classified ads, etc., as well as the comprehensive Index.

    The magazines and the index on the CD are  fully interactive, which means that one can click on a particular quilt pattern name, quilting article, etc., in the index and the exact page in the original magazine is immediately accessed. The magazines and index on the CD may also be viewed page by page, and are printable.

Customer Comments:

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful collection of vintage quilts, quilt patterns and history of quilt history and patterns I've ever come across.  Very much worth the buy!!!  Thanks a lot!!!" 

Debbie Zimmerman, Milford Center, OH

Order  the CD of all 24 issues of Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine for $29.95 ppd. The Interactive Index is included on the CD with the magazines at no extra cost. 

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