Quilters Hall of Fame

Founded in 1979 by Hazel Carter, The Quilters Hall of Fame (QHF) is a non-profit
organization dedicated to honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting.

Quilt History

The Quilt History list was created to provide a forum for people around the world who are interested in antique quilts and related textiles to discuss the historical aspects of quilting. We discuss all aspects of antique quilts - fabrics, design, color, etc. - as well as the stories behind them.  We also share our experiences with the more practical aspect of antique quilts - finding, washing, researching, restoring and even reproducing.

National Quilter's Association

The National Quilting Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization run by quilters for quilters, was founded in 1970 by seven women in the Washington, D.C., area. The organization was established to create, stimulate, maintain, and record an interest in all matters pertaining to the making, collecting, and preserving of quilts, and to establish and promote educational and philanthropic endeavors through quilts. Membership in the organization is open to all interested individuals. The NQA was chartered in 1972. Local NQA Chapters were also begun during these early years.

Kaye Wood

Kaye Wood's Quilting & Sewing Website and the official website of Kaye's television show, Kaye's Quilting Friends.


QuiltBus is the quilt store that comes to your door with fabrics, patterns, kits, batting, notions & supplies, books, ideas and more for the quilter.
The only online fabric store specializing in Christmas fabric for quilting, sewing, crafts and home decor.

Eleanor Burns

Quilt In A Day

Quilt In A Day

Twenty five years ago Eleanor Burns introduced her first Quilt in a Day book, cultivating a quiltmaking revolution. Her concise, step-by-step directions were easy to grasp, allowing the possibility for anyone to be successful at making a quilt. Her Quilt in a Day TV series began airing on PBS in 1990 and is still broadcasting nationwide and abroad, teaching patchwork in countries like Japan. Now you can enjoy special technique video clips right on our web site. Learn Eleanor's fast, easy methods for her most popular techniques. Watch for more
clips coming soon. View Videos

American Legacy  Quilt Block Indexes

"Rose Lea Alboum's compilation of a large array of illustrated quilt pattern indexes is a major research effort. Entire inventories of late nineteenth century and twentieth century quilt pattern publishing sources, some frequently numbering hundreds of quilt designs each, are recorded in Rose Lea's indexes. Although each index documents a single published source, the aggregate size of the total project is massive and comprehensive. Rose Lea's indexes constitute a notable contribution to quilt history." ~ Cuesta Benberry

Get loads of creative patterns for dazzling quilts, quilt techniques that make it oh-sew-easy, profiles of interesting quilters, great gift ideas and more! And you're sure to love the easy-to-understand instructions and full-color photos.

Lost Quilt

Dedicated to displaying lost and stolen quilts and to providing information on protecting quilts.

Worldwide Quilting

"Serving the World's Quilters since May 4, 1994"

Patterns & Instructions, Our Users Pages, Quilters & Their Work, Regional Information, Supplies & Shopping Online, A Wealth of Quilting Information from the Internet, Quilting Library, and more.

The West Houston Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 with the purpose of developing and nurturing appreciation for the art of quilting and its history. Simply put, we are a group of people who love quilts!

America's Quilting History

"Your Doorway to Quilting Through Time"

Come with me on this journey as we explore the history of quilts and the lives of the women who made them. ~Judy Anne

Planet Patchwork is the website of The Virtual Quilt Company, a family-owned corporation that has been promoting and supporting quilting on the world wide web since 1995. Planet Patchwork began as a hobby, and still remains a labor of love. Somewhere along the line we added a store so that it could be more self-supporting, and now virtually everyone in the family contributes to the development and maintenance of the site, the processing of orders, and our shipping operations.
Quiltwoman publishes patterns and books on quilting and textile crafts. Our many free services include directories to teachers, shops, guilds, shows, service providers, quilt related trips, quilt galleries and designers. We also have free tips, color lessons and project patterns on the "Free Stuff" page. More About Quilt Woman and Make-It-Easy, Your Online Quilting Magazine.

Take a look around, view some quilts, try a pattern and Enjoy Your Quilting Magazine Online!

Imagine yourself in an old school classroom full of fabric, threads, books, and other various quilting supplies. Don't forget the quilts themselves. Now combine that with a Customized Quilting & Design Studio, informative quilting-related classes as well as numerous other events and you've got ABCs of Quilting. A Quilter's Paradise.

New Pathways Into Quilt History
Discover the Mystery of Antique Quilts & Textiles with Quilt Historian & Collector
Kimberly Wulfert

A forum for research and ideas about quilt history, the women, and textiles: 1750 - 2007

Victoriana Quilters is a large resource and community for quilters', including:

Free Original quilt patterns (with membership), Free Block of the Month, Free Quilt Patterns, Free Printable Quilt Labels, Free Charity Quilt patterns, Free Beginner's Quilting Online Class and Free Crazy Quilt Online Workshop (with membership), Free printable quilting technique instructions, Free quilting designs and other information in the Library, Free Quilt Calculator Charts, Quilt Gallery, Used Quilt Books listing, Your Quilting Stories, and more!

I didn't start out to make handmade quilts and quilt tops for sale. The idea of selling them came about because I have too many quilts and quilt tops as a result of a real love for the process of making patchwork! Designing and then piecing the quilt tops are the parts of making a quilt that I enjoy the most. I consider my quilts and quilt tops to be handmade even though I piece them on my trusty Singer 319W. This is the only sewing machine I've ever owned and we've grown comfortably old together :)  All of my quilts and quilt tops are made by me personally in my home sewing room, which is my favorite place in the world.

The Crazy Quilt Society is a non-profit group, a program of the Quilt Heritage Foundation based in Omaha, NE. We invite you to join the Society for 2007. Starting with 2007 membership in the Society will be free, but all newsletters will come by email and will be more informal than past years. Listen to our teleseminars with conference faculty online!

Nancy Kirk

Read Nancy's BLOG FREE on-line newsletter Quilt Restoration Workshops
Quilt Restoration Teleseminars NEW -- Pennies from Heaven: Historic Redwork Designs Dating Fabrics Video Workshop Lectures and Workshops Sewing CD's and Quilt Journals Patterns FREE Quilt Care Course FREE Quilt Inventory Form

Quilter's Muse

Virtual Museum

On this website you will find historical information about QUILTS, QUILT HISTORY, NEEDLEWORK and QUILT CARE. There are also book reviews, show reviews and photographs of historical textiles, as well as:  poetry, family recipes, how-to-quilt techniques, quilt and embroidery galleries, interviews with various people in the quilt world, photos of projects sent to us by readers, etc.
The Fat Quarter Shop, where you will find the largest online selection of Quilting Fat Quarter Bundles, Fat Quarter Packs, Fat Quarters, Moda Charm Packs, Original Quilt Kits, Quilting Fabric, Fat Quarter Patterns & FREE Quilt Patterns!

The Appliqué Society

The Appliqué Society's mission is To Promote, to Teach, and to Encourage the Love of All Types of Appliqué in Quilting. We work to educate and promote public interest in the world of appliqué, as well as encourage and inspire creativity. The Appliqué Society (TAS) and its members want to ensure that the art of appliqué will continue through the generations.

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