Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine


Published 1969 - 1975

by Patricia Almy (Randolph)

1932 - 2008

One of the very first quilt magazines published in America!

Now considered a collectable!

All 24 issues of these vintage quilt magazines, including 376 patterns, is now available on CD for $29.95 ppd. Easy point and click navigation. Printable too!

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Nimble Needle Treasures Quilt Magazine

Customer Comments:

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful collection of vintage quilts, quilt patterns and history of quilt history and patterns I've ever come across.  Very much worth the buy!!!  Thanks a lot!!!"  Debbie Zimmerman, Milford Center, OH

Reviews by well-known Quilt Historians, Authors and Quilters:


"It was not until the late 1960s that the first authentic quilt magazines were produced. And it was at this point with the inauguration of Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine, the threshold was crossed, resulting in an innovative publication that rightly bore the appellation “a real quilt magazine.”  

                                                    --Cuesta Benberry - Author and Quilt Historian

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"A momentous event occurred in the quilt history world in 2004 when former editor and publisher of Nimble Needle Treasures, Patricia Almy Randolph, gifted quilt historians and quilt-lovers alike by deciding to index her historic publication and offer all back issues plus the index in CD format."

                                              --Karen Alexander - Quilter's Hall Of Fame

Read the entire review by Karen Alexander

"These two unknown editors (Patricia Almy Randolph and Bonnie Leman) bravely took on the world of publishing at the dawn of a new era, never dreaming what they were about to set in motion. Jointly, these two publications were instrumental in building a community of quilt enthusiasts. From this newly established community came national and international communications, contests, collections, research and scholarship, as well as the nitty-gritty "how-to" of quilting."

                                                                   --Hazel Carter - Quilter's Hall of Fame Newsletter, spring 2000


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"The articles are delightful! If you would like to see how far we have come in quilt circles, and yet how much we have stayed the same, this stroll back in time will be well worth the effort. In summary, all of the goals of Nimble Needle Treasures were achieved….and more. This is a wonderful item to add to your library!"

                                   --Patricia L. Cummings - Quilter's Muse


Read the entire review by Patricia L. Cummings

     Every issue of Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine and the Index are preserved on CD, complete with all the original quilting articles, 376 quilt patterns (134 of those are in Series), classified ads, etc., as well as the comprehensive Index.

    The magazines and the index on the CD are  fully interactive, which means that one can click on a particular quilt pattern name, quilting article, etc., in the index and the exact page in the original magazine is immediately accessed. The magazines and index on the CD may also be viewed page by page, and are printable.

About Nimble Needle Treasures Magazines

     Nimble Needle Treasures (NNT) was born of the desire to preserve the art of quilt making, renew the interest with historical research of quilt scholars, quilt pattern designs, quilt designers and quilt makers, and a real in-depth coverage of quilt topics, and reports on current quilt related activities.  NNT was published quarterly.

     All of the articles were informative and priceless, however, Patricia's association with Cuesta Benberry, Quilters Hall of Fame Honoree was the backbone of NNT historically.

   Cuesta wrote the first article about Bertha Stenge to appear in a quilt magazine.  Also a first with the Ladies Art Company, with a chronological study of quilt kits, a first about the Smithsonian quilt collection, and the Index of American Design at the National Gallery of American Art.  She also wrote articles about friends that she knew that were exceptional quilt makers, such as Lena and Livia Moses and Mary Schafer.

   It was with great sadness in 1975 when Patricia  ceased publication with the 24th issue.  However, twenty-nine years after the magazine’s end Patricia compiled a comprehensive cumulative Index to Nimble Needle Treasures, while her family digitally scanned each and every magazine page by page.  The index and magazines have now been preserved in a digital format on CD.

   Though Patricia passed away in May 2008, it was her desire that her family continue to offer Nimble Needle Treasures on CD in order that all quilt enthusiasts can own these highly collectable vintage quilt magazines.

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