Glenna Boyd


By editing and publishing a monthly quilt periodical,  AUNT KATE'S QUILTING BEE, beginning in 1962, Glenna Boyd  was one of the earliest producers of publications that later were considered precursors of today's quilt magazines.  "Aunt Kate's Quilting Bee" ran quilt block contests to which readers would  submit their original quilt designs.  The publication also reprinted old difficult to locate, out of print quilt patterns, as well as quilt pattern round robin offers one could join.   In addition to her periodical published in Burleson, Texas, Glenna also sold quilt patterns independently, sometimes as  reprinted series in booklets, others as individual patterns.

There were  several other One-Woman produced quilt pattern publications published during the same time as "Aunt Kate's Quilting Bee" but Glenna Boyd's was admired more than most because of its neatness, organization and appearance.  Some of the other publications, which were often mimeographed or printed in the purple duplicator ink were even crudely done. Even so, all of the publications of that period, such as "Jay Bees"" by Claudine Moffatt, Valley Park, MO; Little "N" Big" by Betty Flack, Shumway, IL; "Down on the Farm" by Joy Craddock, Texas; "Favorite Past Times" by Julia Kardasz, Chicago, IL, and several others were certainly helping to keep the interest in quilts alive nationwide. 

Begun as a monthly in 1962, "Aunt Kate's Quilting Bee"  did become at one point a semi-annual publication.  It lasted until about 1980.
Cuesta Benberry
December 2006