Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine


Published 1969 - 1975

by Patricia Almy (Randolph)

1932 - 2008

NNT Sample Articles

The Romance of the Circuit Rider's Quilt

The Saga of one Quilt Pattern

Victory Quilts by Cuesta Benberry

More Patriotic Quilts by Cuesta Benberry

Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine was one of the very first quilt magazines published in America, and is now considered a collectable. All 24 issues of these vintage quilt magazines, and an annotated, interactive index is now available on CD for $29.95 ppd. The CD is fully self-loading, with easy point and click navigation. Printable too!

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Read the forward by Cuesta Benberry

Read a review by Karen Alexander

     Every issue of Nimble Needle Treasures Magazine and the Index are preserved on CD, complete with all the original quilting articles, 376 quilt patterns (134 of those are in Series), classified ads, etc., as well as the comprehensive Index.

    The magazines and the index on the CD are  fully interactive, which means that one can click on a particular quilt pattern name, quilting article, etc., in the index and the exact page in the original magazine is immediately accessed. The magazines and index on the CD may also be viewed page by page, and are printable.

Customer Comments:

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful collection of vintage quilts, quilt patterns and history of quilt history and patterns I've ever come across.  Very much worth the buy!!!  Thanks a lot!!!"  Debbie Zimmerman, Milford Center, OH


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NNT Sample Articles

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Cuesta Benberry
Mary Schafer
Glenna Boyd
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